What's Inside?


How It Works

Crystals: Each box will come with a curated set of two or more crystals to help with your specific need that month. All crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged for the best results! 

Special Goodies: Each box will come with at least one full size premium products for our special partners. This could be smudging bundles, crystal home decor, crystal jewelry, or so many other items!

Each month, we will send you a box, specifically made for you. On the 1st of each month, you will receive an email that contains a link that will allow you to make your monthly selection. This selection allows us to tailor the box to your individual needs*. We have over 60 options to choose from! Please make your selection by the 10th of each month. All boxes will be shipped on the 26th of each month**.

Please Note:

*If you do not make a selection for the month, we will send you a "Surprise Me" box filled with mystery crystals and goodies!  


**If your box is purchased after the 10th of the month, your first box will not ship until the following month.