Reiki sessions WITH tammy

personalized crystal box included!


Tammy is our in-house Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki II Practitioner. She cleanses and charges each crystal before they make their way to your doorstep. Tammy received her certification for Reiki in 2014 and Karuna Reiki II in 2015 from IMPART created by Anne Reith, Ph.D. She enjoys spreading love and light to others, and this is why she became certified in this incredible line of work. 

How does a Distant Reiki session work?

When you purchase a Distance Reiki session, you will be able to choose what date/time works best for you. You will receive an email confirmation, where you will be able to discuss any goals you have for the session. Please note that it may be helpful to provide a picture of yourself before the session. During the session, find a quiet comfortable place. You can be sitting, lying down or even sleeping during your session! Tammy will use a mixture of Reiki and Karuna Reiki during the session. Once the session is complete, Tammy will send you a report to describe what she experienced during the Reiki session, including any information she has about your chakras, any trouble areas that were worked on, etc. You will also receive a box shipped to your address filled with crystals that correspond with the Reiki session you had with Tammy!

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